Public Service

As a public service we use our knowledge of technology to provide some useful online educational, safety, and security advantages to our visitors. This page describes our free public services.

Unshorten (dot) org
Often we see a link we receive in email or a text, but in some cases these links can be malicious. Steve's Web Hosting has provided a means to do some checking on a link using our server, so you don't have to visit the link to determine its legitimacy. Whether the link you receive is ordinary or it has been converted to a short URL you can use to check it out.

Skeptic Hosting
At Skeptic Hosting we provide secure, well maintained hosting accounts for websites that promote a reality based worldview. We have identified certain sites we wish to promote, and we handle the technical aspects of web hosting so they can focus on content. Hosting at Skeptic Hosting is by invitation only.

Project HoneypotWe support Project Honeypot by donating the DNS MX entries for some of our domains, in effect donating the mail services for those domains. In turn Project Honeypot monitors those domains for incoming SPAM and uses that data to compile a list of bad IP addresses being used by spammers and other types of criminals.

We then close the loop by banning access to our mail server or blogs to any IP address listed at Project Honeypot. This way we help fight spam for a larger group than just our servers.