Religious Satire

There are very few things that are more important than making fun of religion. Whether it is ridicule, sarcasm, satire, or any other method of pointing out how dangerous and stupid religions are, combatting religious afflictions is certainly one of the most admirable things that a person can do. By helping combat religion a person is naturally promoting peace and prosperity for everyone except religious leaders. Hopefully they can find honest employment.

Some people say that science brought us airplanes and skyscrapers, but it took religion to bring them together.

A great majority of the most horrible crimes ever committed against humanity have either been justified by religion or directly conducted by religious organizations. (Army of Christ?)

Religious afflictions cause death, destruction and promote the spread of disease. Religions promote hatred, intolerance and war.

Ain't No God: don't even think about theism Steve's favorite among his own websites, and there are about a dozen of them, is his discussion forum for people not afflicted with religious delusions, Ain't No God. If your contempt for religion is so great that you are nearly at a loss trying to explain it, you might be the kind of forum member we are looking for. At Ain't No God the primary activity is making fun of religion. People who wish to proselytize for this or that idiotic set of religious fairy tales are not welcome. This forum is for use only by persons not afflicted with religious delusions. There is plenty of room for new members, and this is your invitation.

Anybody that opposes religion is defending the human race and the planet that we live on. When it manifests as a rigid, unyielding judgmental belief system that advocates doing harm to others, religion is actually a mental disorder that we like to call Fundamentalist Disorder.

So the religious satire hosted on this server has several reasons for being here. First to stimulate thought and discussion on how utterly stupid religion actually is, and second as a way of relieving tension for those not afflicted with religious beliefs.

Steve's first domain designed for the purpose of religious satire is, the name being based on the stupidly exaggerated way in which lower life forms like TV evangelists draw out the name of their fictional superhero. Jaheezus contains original hand drawn crayon art by Steve, as you'll see if you have a look, he's better equipped to maintain websites than create art.

Steve has created a few sites that are intended to help identify the sinners that God wants us to put to death. Steve offers God Hates Crustaceans, God Hates Mixed Fibers, God Hates Vaginas, God Hates Brats, God Hates Pork, and God Hates Barbers.