Many of Steve's web sites are news sites that make use of various RSS feeds that he has selected from literally all over the planet. Steve is not very much impressed with the standard of news reporting currently being offered by the 5 corporations that control most of the "free press" in the USA today.

Steve offers an alternative. UnFox News: not a propoaganda arm pf the Republican Party. News from sources he has personally selected that are not under the direct control of the Republican Party, for example UnFox News.

California Dolphin - diving for California NewsCalifornia Dolphin offers in-depth coverage of California news, with a separate page for each of 6 different regions of the Golden State.

We believe that California Dolphin is the most exhaustive and complete California news portal in existence.

Steve's NewsSteve's News was the original news site on this server, and Steve's first venture into the Liberal Media Conspiracy. Over the years it has been underutilized.

My NewsMy News is yet another news site by Steve with a look like ancient Yahoo.