Homosexual Agenda

As a known homosexual we seek to promote the Homosexual Agenda whenever possible. We do this by creating websites that ridicule Jeebus-based anti-gay propaganda, offering merchandise for sale that is of interest to homos, as well as filtering YouTube videos to offer innocent young children the ability to easily find queer videos.

Speaking of YouTube you may recall having heard of a genuinely insane Oklahoma politician named Sally Kern. We responded to her preposterous bigotry on YouTube quite some time ago.

Sally Kern: bashing gays for Jesus Later we discovered that Sally Kern had never registered an Internet domain in her name, so we took care of that for her. You can read the latest news stories about Sally Kern and see blog posts about her too. She sure knows how to put the Stoopit in Republican!


I Think I Might Be GayWe remember all too well what it was like growing up in a world that constantly claimed we were evil because of innate characteristics not of our choosing. Unfortunately religious delusions are often used to justify the spiteful bigotry of narrow minded people, we call such folks Christians. Having some compassion for young people just beginning to realize, or wondering about their sexual orientation we created I Think I Might Be Gay in the interest of helping gay teens to cope with the existence of Republicans.


Teh GaysOur news aggregation website for matters of interest to known homos is Teh Gays. The site collects gay news from a number of websites and offers it in a homo-friendly environment. Naturally everyone is welcome, you don't have to be gay, but if you are that's fabulous!