Steve's Web Hosting is one of Steve Rider's hobbies. It exists to host websites that promote critical thinking, civil rights for all people, and atheism. The primary reason for Steve's Web Hosting to exist is the promotion of a reality-based lifestyle choice.

Most of the sites hosted here are designed and created by Steve, in addition we offer hosting through our subsidiary Skeptic Hosting by invitation only to a select number of critical thinking, skeptical, and anti-religious sites. This is done as a public service.


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Our featured sites right now are Steve's News, UnFox News and Ain't No God


There are a number of sites designed by Steve that are hosted here. Included are a small number of sites that call into question the popular misconception that there is some sort of an Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy  running the show from a mythical and invisible location outside the space/time continuum.


Have we mentioned photography? Steve is an avid photo hobbyist, and one of the main reasons that this web server exists is to allow Steve to present his photography to the world.


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